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Guiding Principles

Exploring wine, culture, lifestyle, travel, news can be subjective with many points of view. We promise that we’ll bring our own views and the products we represent with as much integrity and a full effort for authenticity and quality as we possess.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concern. Write to us at ARTISAN Food and Drink Accessories at anytime


You may see wine, foods and accessories in our comments. We receive sample donations and before any of these appears on our site, we WILL evaluate / test it to make sure we can recommend that it’s of good quality and accurately represents it’s origins.


Artisan Food and Drink Accessories provides it’s own authentic and unique ratings


We provide recommendations in order to get started with a type of product. We may decide to recommend wine/food/products in order to inform our visitors with a real world example.


We welcome affiliate links to help generate revenue. Some of our products may become available through affiliates. generating a fee to us if you purchase the item.


We encourage comments and a vibrant exchange of ideas and information carried on politely with respectful for others. We may remove a comment where it doesn’t meet that standard.

We will remove Spam of any type.

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