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The Coffee Bean Roaster

The Coffee Bean Roasting Company, established 1997  by Mr. Sukkasem Khamthavee, a Bangkok coffee roasting company.

“The Coffee Bean Roasting Company Limited has been a coffee roaster in which we produce and sell in different kinds of products for  more than  19 years  such as Roasted Coffee Beans, Roasted Ground Coffee, and Coffee Drip. Our coffee beans are carefully selected and produced under high standard .”

At Artisan we love TCBR or The Coffee Bean Roasting Company.  A combination of great people,  technical excellence, modern equipment, application of science  and a dedication to making the best styles of Dark Roast Arabica, Medium Roast Arabica and Espresso here in Thailand.  Their coffees are dark, richly aromatic and flavorful with just the right balance of concentration.



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