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Coffeas Coffee

Coffeas is a small roasting company which features classes on coffee run by certified Q Grader and SCAA-certified instructor Nisakorn Sinsawat.   She describes Coffeas  “We mainly supply certified Thai specialty coffee grade. We are not the farmer but we work together with Thai coffee farmers in Chiangrai in order to maintain and improve the coffee quality. One of our aims is to encourage the farmers to increase the coffee quality and control the price of their coffee instead of selling the lower grade products at market price.  All of our coffees are direct imported from the farms and local freshly roasted to ensure the quality is maintained.”

Coffeas roasted coffees falls in the school of Bangkok coffees that are lightly roasted in a manner to preserve the more delicate aromas and flavors of coffee. Further they are full Arabica and not blended with heavier quality Robusta.  The resulting brewed coffees at their best are lighter in color with distinct, complex aromas and lighter, distinct flavors.  Coffee roasters like Coffeas forego the dark, rich qualities of color, aroma, flavor and concentration, which they consider to come from roasting that burns the beans, in favor of lighter coffees with distinct aromas and flavors like Cold Press coffee or the range of aromas and flavors as in wine.

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